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Platinum Payments: POS Payment Processing, Debit & Credit Card Processing | Services

Our Value Added Services

Platinum Payments is a "single source" for the full range of electronic payment.

View your Statements online

Enjoy the convenience of viewing your statement online instead of paper. Save paper, avoid messy filing and be the first to be notified of important information and programs offered to you by Platinum Payments. E-statements include the same information as your paper statement, in a clearer, easier to read format along with picture charts of your transaction summaries and an "account at a glance" of your activity for the month.

Merchant Funding

We know that making your business as successful as possible often requires capital. You can receive the funds you need to realize your business' potential and make your dreams a reality. The advance is then repaid by deducting a percentage of the daily credit card sales.

Electronic Gift and Loyalty Cards

Staying up late searching for a low-cost means to increase store traffic, increase sales and increase profits? Platinum Payments gift and loyalty programs will accomplish all three. This is why 88% of major retailers and restaurants sell gift cards. Our gift and loyalty program gives you the same quality and customer perception as the nation's largest and most prestigious retailers.

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Platinum ePay - Your Payment Gateway Solution

Platinum Payments presents a premier Payment Gateway solution and Virtual Terminal that allow you to accept all major credit cards quickly and affordably In either Canadian or US currencies. When you bundle both our merchant account and our payment gateway, you'll benefit from: Secure, cost-effective and trusted e-commerce solutions. Reliable, real-time transaction processing. Industry leading fraud screening tools and PCI Data Security.